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Learn. Do. Edue.

Say goodbye to lectures, learn by solving problems, with personalised guidance using AI.

Relatable Problems

Unique real-life problems customised to your interests and strengths

Realtime Hints

No more dead-ends. With our timely hints, you are never getting stuck again

Tailored Guidance

Each problem comes as a set of steps, with guidance all the way through

No Learning Gap

Students fall behind and work hard to catch up. Not anymore with our adaptive approach.

Style and Pace Control

Our courses adapt in real time choosing examples and realtime guidance curated uniquely for you.

A tutor that waits for you

Our algorithm monitors your work, providing the right push, when you need it, like the perfect tutor.

Continuous Learning

Learning happens a bit in lectures, a bit more in homework & exams, maybe? Edue is different.

Guided problems: All in one

Giving you a continuous learning experience. As you solve problems, you master each concept

Feedback on the go

Our algorithm is trying to understand you continuously. Even without tests, we can tell what you can improve

Learn how to solve problems!

Our first course teaches you step by step on how to approach problems in physics, showing you the key aspects of deductive thinking

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Edue?

You can sign up for our trial course above and start your journey of learning with Edue. More courses can be registered from within the platform.

Are these courses curated for school students?

Edue intend to help high school students, competitive exam aspirants and college students to grasp the subject on a conceptual level and excel in their respective field.

Where can I track my progress?

A detailed progress report and insights can be viewed on the course dashboard.

What makes Edue different from other e-learning platforms?

Edue enables the learners to visualize, think and apply concepts to real-world problems. We believe in learning by doing, empowering the learner to be the best at their field.

Should I enroll for a course if I am already attending tution after school?

Edue is designed to make sure that the learner understands each and every step and does not miss out on any concept. The courses can be reattended and revised as and when needed making sure that the comfort or time of the learner is not compromised.

How do the courses help me with competitive exams?

Competitive exams demand an in-depth knowledge of each concept and assess the student based on how well they can apply it to a problem. Edue specifically addresses these points, enabling the student to apply their knowledge at every step of the learning process.

Be YOUR best version. Coming Soon.

Solving problems is the best way to master concepts and it's easier than ever with our guided approach.
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